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Development & Engineering

Through world-class design and product development, CRW provides a cost effecive product that also benefis from vertically integrated manufacturing. CRW optimizes ED&D, manufacturing, and quality.

plastic injection molding


In order to ensure quality throughout the production process, CRW has perfected the design, development and manufacturing of plastic injection molds. The most advanced tools and equipment are available to repair and improve existing tools as well.

- Design

- CAD/CAM  Moulds Construction

- Maintenance

plastic injection molding

Injection Molding

CRW utilizes the latest generation equipment and machinery. CRW's strategy is to modernize or replace machinery every five years. Modern equipment and expertise allows CRW to meet requests from the most demanding customers.

plastic injection molding


Complementing the production process, CRW has in-house paint applied in various automated application methods. Exterior and interior finishing is available in solvent and water-based paint.  

- Pad Printing

- Hot Stamping

- Graphic Decoration

- Laser Engraving 

plastic injection molding


CRW expertise includes complete assembly station design and development. CRW ‘s assembly lines are equipped with cutting edge equipment including: vision systems/error proofing, ultrasonic and vibration welding, hot plate welding, manual and automatic assemblies.

- Ultrasonic Welding

- Tampo-Print

- Hot Welding

- Set Assembly

- Final Product Manufacturing

plastic injection molding
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